Chapter 1457

Eugene, OR

EAA Chapter 1457 Meeting Minutes


August 7, 2017

The August 2017 meeting was held at the Oregon Air and Space Museum. The meeting was preceded by a potluck barbeque with John Stahr as grill master serving up chicken strips. Vice-President Larry Lowenkron opened the official meeting with 19 members and 3 spouses present.

Old Business:

The minutes were approved.

KEUG runway 16R/34L remains closed through Sept for runway and taxiway repairs.

Creswell (Chap 31) had a Young Eagle event on 4 July and flew over 110 YEs with help from the Eugene and Albany Chapters. The only feedback from those who participated was the overwhelming need for more ground volunteers and better organization.

Ray Beverly provided a short “Fly the Plane” safety reminder.

New Business:

Phil Groshong arranged the evening’s speaker; Dr Richard Hansen of Emerald Valley Wellness Clinic. Most folks know Dr Hansen as the local AME performing our FAA Medical Exams. Dr Hansen provided a briefing on the FAAs new BasicMed program to replace the Class III medical certificate. BasicMed is applicable for VFR/IFR pilotage of planes with up to 6 occupants, 6,000 pound max takeoff weight, speeds below 250 knots, and at altitudes below FL180. BasicMed requires taking an online medical self-assessment training course every two years, getting a physical exam from your family practice doctor every 4 years, and completing an FAA checklist with your doctor. There are three medical conditions which require a Special Issuance from the FAA before operating under BasicMed: Mental Disorder, Neurological Disorder, or Cardiovascular conditions. For the rest of us, BasicMed may be a relief from the Class III system.

At least 6 members attended Oshkosh (AirVenture) 2017. Several recounted their favorite moment and John spoke on he and Patty participating in the AirVenture Cup Race from St Louis to Merrill, WI. He also designed the program cover and posters for the race.

Carl Chieffo attended the Arlington Fly-in with Ron Parker. Carl reported aircraft parking and ground support was good but food prices were not. They camped at Orcas Island which has 21 spots for on-field camping with hot showers at just $6/night.

Lycoming issued an AD for connecting rod bearings used in engines from O-235 to IO-580s. The AD affects engines manufactured by Lycoming or using Lycoming bearings in local overhauls shipped from November 2015 through February 2017.

Larry recently picked up a Cessna 182 from Aurora where it had a Garmin 345 ADS-B Transponder installed. They flew to over 10K’ above Corvallis on the way home and within minutes of landing had confirmation from the FAA of the ADS-B performing as required. Any questions on his ADS-B installation process, ask Larry.

Everyone attending received a raffle ticket and three lucky winners took home airshow posters donated by John and Patty Stahr.

The September meeting will be held at Noble Estates Winery on Sept 11th. Watch your email or check with Ron Parker for updates.

With time running long and the hangar temp pretty warm, the meeting was adjourned with unanimous agreement.

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