Chapter 1457

Eugene, OR

EAA Chapter 1457 Meeting Minutes


February 6, 2017

President Ron Parker opened the meeting at the Oregon Air & Space Museum shortly after 7:00 p.m. with 16 members and 3 guests present.

Old Business:

The minutes were approved and a reminder given for everyone to pay annual dues ($20) to Treasurer Paul Colvin.

John Stahr is still working on the design for a Chapter T-shirt. John is very busy with painting projects and if you look at the latest edition of Sport Aviation, you’ll see show of his great work on the plane highlighted on the cover.

New Business:

Ron presented recent Past-President Charlie Walker with a bottle of wine for his contributions to the Chapter. Charlie was nominated to fill the vacant fourth Board Member position and it was approved with a voice vote of members present.

Casey Boatman, KEUG Administration, provided an update of airport issues including completion of the Terminal Renovation project, plans for the “Flying People” art displays and of interest to several members, update on repairs to the entry gates damaged by ice storm. While Gate 39 is broken, drivers may use the taxiway and exit via Gate 40.

Ron requested and received support to obtain a Chapter laptop for presentations. NextStep was suggested as a source and Ray Beverly stated he may be able to donate one, if Charlie can thoroughly clean it of personnel information.

EAA National has requested we support a tour stop of the B-17 Aluminum Overcast, possibly 4-7 May. Discussion ensued on volunteer and logistics requirements, possible Young Eagle event, and success of the last visit in 2013. Consensus was to support the visit, encourage other local Chapters to participate, and not have a simultaneous YE event. Wayne Eckhart agreed to take lead on the visit with help needed from everyone.

Ron led short discussions on several topics including;

  • Oregon Senate Bill 115 to ban leaded AvGas in 2022: not thought to be a viable threat to pass with strong GA support in past and ongoing FAA Alt Fuels effort

  • Potential to visit Cascade Approach and Tower cab. Ron to work details with Blake Stewart of KEUG ATC

  • Stressed continued support to offer familiarization rides to ATC personnel if you have the time/opportunity by calling the Tower Cab at 541-607-4630

  • Potential future speakers

  • Methods to increase Chapter membership: Dan Pimentel to assist Wayne with postcards to EAA National members who are not current Chap 1457 members.

  • A video classic of Dean Martin and Foster Brooks as a drunk airline pilot

Carl Chieffo provided a talk on Field First Aid as a follow-on to last month’s discussion of aviation survival kits. Stopping bleeding and preventing shock are important first steps. Splinting broken bones (on both sides of breaks) will decrease mobility but could save your life. The consensus was to stay with the downed aircraft in nearly all cases but make yourself as visible as possible to facility rescue.

The February EAA Chapter Video was shown with stories on the 25th anniversary of the Young Eagles program, the 65th anniversary of EAA, highlights of WWI aircraft on display at 2016 AirVenture, and Hints for Homebuilders on how to overlay patch cracked plexiglass.

The next meeting will be March 6th at John Stahr’s studio. A potluck dinner and showing of the movie Sully. Details to follow.

Meeting was adjourned around 8:30.

Hints for Homebilders videos at