Chapter 1457

Eugene, OR

EAA Chapter 1457 Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2017

The May 2017 meeting was held at the Oregon Air and Space Museum. President Ron Parker opened the meeting with 14 members and 3 guests (Rob, Ryan and Dennis) present.

Two of the guests heard about the meeting from the flyer created by Dan Pimentel and mailed to EAA National members within a 50 mile radius.

Ron showed a photo of a winglet on the side of another winglet and despite a bottle of wine as a prize, no one could provide the correct name of this new winglet used on 737 and 757 aircraft. They are called a Scimitar. Second chance trivia question was “What year was Van’s Aircraft founded?” Paul Colvin got it with 1972.

Old Business:

The minutes were approved.

Wayne Eckertson provided an update on the EAA National tour stop of the B-17 Aluminum Overcast on 4-7 May. Most shifts had volunteers and anyone wanting to volunteer or change shifts should contact Wayne directly. Shirts for the volunteers designed by John Stahr are in production and will be available for pickup/purchase at the event. A static photo shoot for Chapter member’s aircraft with the B-17 is being planned for Thursday after the media flights.

Ray Beverly provided his monthly Fly-The-Plane topic. This month was changes to the Class E airspace around KEUG. In the latest VFR Sectional charts, the FAA has decreased the Class E Airspace with floor of 700’ around Eugene. However, it has drastically increased the Class E (Surface) Airspace, especially to the south. It is believed this is to accommodate RNAV approach transitions and can affect people flying in/out of Creswell as the entrance to downwind for runway 33, which used to be near Class G airspace, is now Class E.

Larry Lowenkron asked for suggestions for flyout events. Tony Hann at Albany is planning a flyout for Chapter 1524 to Chehalis on 20 May and we are free to join them, although that may be too far for some smaller aircraft. McMinnville, Madras, and Lakeside were all mentioned. A couple members expressed a preference for paved runways. Instead of trying to get consensus on dates and locations, Larry will establish those and folks can attend if it fits their schedule and desired mission set.

The FAA has released the BasicMed checklist for implementation of the new medical program. The existing system with Class III medicals we are used to is still in effect. There may be benefit to remaining with the Class III system for some folks, while others will be better served by the new BasicMed program. EAA, AOPA, and others had additional info online.

New Business:

The evening’s speaker was Larry with timing of magnetos. Most of us were aware magnetos are adjusted to fire dependent on position of the crankshaft…usually about 20 degrees before top dead center depending on your engine. “Adjusting the timing”, which is actually timing the mags to the engine, is common during the Annual or Condition Inspections. Of news to many was the timing of the magneto internally to produce the hottest spark at the correct time. This is referred to as the “E-Gap” and is best done with the magneto off the engine. Internal timing is done at mag overhaul (commonly 500 hours) or when a noticeable drop in RPMs is observed. Thanks Larry for an insightful presentation.

The May EAA Chapter video was shown with stories on AirVenture prep, the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, the seaplane loving City of Tavares, FL, and Hints for Homebuilders on making a band saw tabletop to prevent debris getting beside the blade.

The June meeting will feature a presentation on the Tecnam aircraft by Gryphon from Lebanon and plan on a BBQ outside the museum before the meeting. Details to follow.

The meeting adjourned around 9:00.

Hints for Homebilders videos at