Chapter 1457

Eugene, OR


April 4th

President Charlie Walker opened the meeting at 7:08pm.

Old Business:
- Meeting minutes can be found on the new website and facebook.
- Charlie and Wayne presented new name badges. 

New Business:
- Garmin will be having Seminar on May 23rd at Synergy Air.  This meeting will be in lieu of our our June meeting.  Garmin will be sending out invitations.  ~50 chairs will be needed for the event.  Please contact Charlie if you have a source for chairs.  Charlie will be receiving a Garmin G3X for setting up the event.  
- Larry Lowenkron was not in attendance but Ron Parker presented that a fly out to the coast is being planned for May.  The date is TBD.
- EAA t-shirts.  Charlie asked the chapter if there is interested in getting t-shirts with our chapter logo.  Discussion of types of shirts, hats, the need for National's logo, and Carl's preference for zuitsuits.  John Stahr volunteered to organize the creation of a shirt. 
- Young Eagles: Discussed need for Safety Training and background check.  Several people, including Wayne and Charlie have completed the process.  SSN is optional. 

- Ray Beverly, Chapter Flight Adviser, presented on the "Additional Pilot Program for Phase I Flight Test."  There are restrictions on the qualification for the Observer Pilot.  Self administered written tests for Recency of Experience and Experience Qualifications were gone over in detail.  Refer to AC 90-116 for more details. 
- Bill McWhorter gave a presentation and slide show on his Quicksilver MX which he built from a new kit he purchased in 2006.  Bill has filmed many of his flying adventures with a handheld camera.  Bill showed videos of flying the Alvord desert, cloud flying, the Oregon Coast, Crooked River, and mount Shasta.  Video can be seen by searching fro billmaxmcw on YouTube. 
- EAA Video -  The March EAA video was played.
- John Keuhl mentioned that Curt Cowley will be presenting at Creswell Chapter's next meeting.
- The presenter for May's Chapter meeting will be the chief pilot for Life Flight based in Cottage Grove.  They may bring their helicopter. 

The meeting was adorned at ~8:40.

- Bill McWhorter played a couple more of his movies. 

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