Chapter 1457

Eugene, OR

June Minutes


EAA Chapter 1457 Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2016

President Charlie Walker opened the meeting at 7:00 at the Oregon Air & Space Museum.

There were 14 members and 3 guests present.

Old Business:

Garmin Seminar. There were 23 RSVPs and actually about 30 people attended the Garmin presentation by Brain Hupe of the Garmin Team X. Brian brought along displays of several products including their Touch Screen MFD. Garmin offered discounts for any purchases that night and some free swag which was well received. Coffee and cookies were also a big hit.

Larry Lowenkron recapped the fly-out to Siletz Bay (S45) for lunch on May 28th. Five aircraft and nine people enjoyed great weather (compared to the original date) and lunch at the Side Door Café. Larry is scoping the next fly-out destination, possibly Bend or Madras, to be announced soon.

New Business:

Ray Beverly again brought samples of EAA swag from another chapter as examples of hats or shirts we could get through EAA’s new apparel promotion. Charlie briefed the quantity discounted cost for hats and shirts direct from EAA and a hand vote revealed enough interest to move forward at least with shirts. Charlie will email everyone looking for confirmed numbers to order.

Bruce Gustafson reminded everyone that pilots, and optionally ground crews, for Young Eagles must complete the online youth protection program training and background check request. Our YE event is 27 Aug, planned from 0830-1500 to coincide with the 5K on the Runway event.

The first presenter was Dan Pimentel with a recap of the FAA Hypoxia Training in Aurora. Unlike the large decompression chamber of Beale AFB, the traveling training uses oxygen scrubbers to simulate the low oxygen available at altitude. Trainees were given tasks to accomplish as oxygen concentration levels were decreased. The biggest take away seemed to be the loss in cognitive ability without the pilot feeling the effects.

The second presenter was Larry Lowenkron with a briefing and demonstration on making custom flexible hoses. Buying the tools, hose and end fittings might be close in cost to a ready-made hose, but reusing the fittings and tools in 5 years (recommended replacement time per manufacturer) makes building your own hoses less expensive in the long run. Also mentioned was the outstanding hardware catalog available online from Genuine Aircraft Hardware.

The June EAA Chapter Video was shown with the predictable EAA advertisement from headquarters, a story about a set of the EAA Give Flight wings, and a Homebuilder Hint on treading a metal rod. The one take-away: remember, you can never have enough oil.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50.

Hints for Homebilders videos at