Chapter 1457

Eugene, OR

EAA Chapter 1457 Meeting Minutes


November 7, 2016

President Charlie Walker opened the meeting at the Oregon Air & Space Museum at 1905 (7:05 p.m).

There were 17 members and a guest present. There was no theme for the meeting this month.

Old Business:

New Business:

Charlie raised the topic of a donation to the Museum for continuing to allow us to use the facility to hold our meetings. Our last donation of $1000 was used in combination with a grant to make roof repairs over the showroom area. There was mass agreement that the venue is very nice for an aviation related club and there is some desire to be able to use the second hanger for hands on presentations which are difficult in the show area. After discussion of the Chapter’s balance sheet and projected changes for the coming year, a motion was made and passed to offer a $250 donation to the museum.

Phil Groshong solicited feedback as the Christmas Party Chair. Consensus was to attempt to use the Museum as our venue and have the main dish catered, perhaps by Hole-in-the-Wall, with pot-luck side dishes and a small cost per person. The museum would allow beer and wine which is not possible holding it at Creswell airport. Preferred date for the party is 16 Dec at 1860. Voluntary gift exchange not to exceed $10 per person was also supported. Look for an email from Phil as details solidify.

Ron Parker solicited, and received, feedback and support for starting an EAA1457 Youth Program. The intent is to provide classroom-style instruction on flying basics to high school students which could culminate in a Young Eagle Flight. Ideal ratio of 1 pilot per 3 students. There was also discussion on how to encourage youth to continue aviation interests after their Young Eagle flight.

Ray Beverly and Phil discussed their ongoing efforts to support improved relations with Eugene ATC personnel by offering rides when time and space permits. Of the 13 ATC personnel at KEUG, only 1 is a pilot and intro flights can provide an orientation of local area landmarks from the air and communications from the aircraft perspective. Anyone wishing to offer rides to controllers can call the Tower Cab at 541-607-4630.

Before beginning the elections, Charlie proposed a new system for planning the monthly programs in the future. Chapter members could volunteer for a specific month and they, with help from others if desired, would develop the night’s program. Free reign on content as long as it fits aviation theme, hopefully with mass appeal. The plan was to take some of the burden off the President to find new ideas. With July usually cancelled for the holiday and December being the Christmas party, it comes down to about 10 programs per year. The membership liked the idea and offered support of the initiative.

Formal elections followed with only one position changing. Ron Parker will be the next President, replacing Charlie, who plans travel in the new year and felt he couldn’t continue. Remaining posts: Larry Lowenkron, VP; Paul Colvin, Treasurer; Alan Wieder, Secretary; Ray Beverly, Flight Advisor; Larry Lowenkron, Fly-out Planner; Alan Wieder, Tech Counselor; Carl Chieffo, Dan Pimentel & Wayne Eckertson, Board of Directors; and Bruce Gustafson, Young Eagles Coordinator.

Then volunteers were taken to help as monthly program leads:





No program

























Holiday Party

Sara provided the only October Flying Story as she recounted the difficulty getting into the KEUG controlled area after hours when she returned from SoCal and realized she left her line badge in her car at the hanger.

The November EAA Chapter Video was shown which highlighted the new Sonex B-models and homebuilder tips on lubricating oils.

The meeting was adjourned around 2045 (8:45).


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