Chapter 1457

Eugene, OR

November 2017


EAA Chapter 1457 Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2017

The November 2017 meeting was held at the Oregon Air and Space Museum. President Ron Parker opened the meeting with 22 members and 6 guests in attendance.

Old Business:

The October minutes were approved.

Ron stressed continued support to offer familiarization rides to ATC personnel if you have the time/opportunity by calling the Tower Cab at 541-607-4630.

Ray Beverly’s Fly-the-Plane segment was about keeping proficient and if needed, getting some remedial training with your favorite CFI or just a flying buddy who can keep you on task.

Larry Lowenkron was asked about fly-outs and there were several that could support a trip to Pacific City or Independence on Nov 11 since weather is projected to be nice. More info to follow via email.

John Stahr is asking for inflight photos of Chapter member aircraft for his T-shirt design.

New Business:

Ron showed a picture of the new wireless Skybeacon ADSB unit which mounts at the wingtip. The unit is advertised to sell for $1500 but is not yet certified. There was also sidebar discussion of the recent NavWorx closure leaving some folks without an ADSB solution.

Wally Anderson spoke on a few items brewing at EAA including a more structured approach to Phase I testing and flight simulators adapted to represent EAB aircraft such as RVs.

The Oregon Air and Space Museum will be holding a Veteran’s weekend event with the opening of the Gen Carl Marion exhibit. Discounted admissions Nov 9-11.

Ron asked for nominations or volunteers to be Chapter President and Vice-President next year. There were none.

John and Patti Stahr have volunteered to host the Christmas Party at their studio. It will be 2 Dec with catered entrée and potluck side dishes or deserts as in the past. Creswell Chapter 1457 members will be invited to join us.

The evening’s guest speaker was Gary Brown, an FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) and RV-8 builder/pilot. Gary spoke on the ESLA and EAB registration and certification process. The biggest take-away is to work directly with your DAR to complete the paperwork accurately the first time. Even minor deviations in aircraft make, title, owners name, etc can cause unnecessary delays. The old method of getting the forms from EAA or online and completing them yourself can be disappointing. Gary then shared a few photos and stories of accident where safety was compromised through complacency, neglect and , leading to accidents and fatalities. Finally, he shared photos of careers in aviation outside the ATP world such as aerial firefighting, cropdusting, cargo delivery, CFI, photogrammetry, etc. We hope to entice Gary back in the future for a presentation on his Firefighting business.

Being little interest in the EAA Chapter Video, the meeting was adjourned.

The December meeting will be held at John Stahr’s studio on 2 Dec.

The Board of Directors met following the meeting to discuss the coming year. Alan Wieder is a candidate for President and Dan Pimental is a candidate for Vice-President. The Chapter will need to vote and if Alan and Dan are elected, replacements will be needed for the Secretary and a Director position.

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