Chapter 1457

Eugene, OR



EAA Chapter 1457 Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2016

President Charlie Walker opened the meeting at the Oregon Air & Space Museum.

There were 15 members and guests present. The theme of the meeting was Five by Five.

Old Business:


New Business:

Guest speaker for the night was Eugene Air Traffic Control Specialist, Blake Stewart, who provided insight into operations of Ground, Tower, and Cascade Approach. Blake teamed up with Ray Beverly to role play several interesting pilot/ATC communications. They then opened discussions about procedures, suggestions and pilot feedback for communicating with ATC. KEUG is a Level 6 facility and they presently have 13 fully qualified controllers and 4 in various stages of training. Blake is unique in that he is the only private pilot ATC in Eugene. He is available via email should you have any questions or concerns about ATC.

Charlie solicited hangar flying stories around the topic of Notable September Flights. Dan Pimentel spoke about the Jordan Chicken Dinner Fly-in at Gillette Field. The dinner was awesome. Several members attended and commented about keeping situational awareness at the forefront when flying into uncontrolled gatherings such as this one. This prompted discussions about unsafe pilot's and what to do about them.

Following the alternating hosting pattern for the Holiday Party, it is Chapter 1457's turn to host. John Kuehl, President of Chapter 31, offered to let us host the party at their clubhouse in Creswell. Phil Groshong volunteered to coordinate party plans. More details to follow.

Next month will be time for 2017 elections. Anyone wishing to hold an office speak up at the November meeting. Suggestions were made that Phil Groshong lead the elections as he’s been successful getting people not in attendance elected to office…so show up if you want, or don’t want, to be elected.

The October EAA Chapter Video was shown then the meeting adjourned.

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