Chapter 1457

Eugene, OR

October 2017


EAA Chapter 1457 Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2017

The October 2017 meeting was held at the Oregon Air and Space Museum. President Ron Parker opened the meeting with 16 members in attendance.

Old Business:

The September minutes were approved.

Ron stressed continued support to offer familiarization rides to ATC personnel if you have the time/opportunity by calling the Tower Cab at 541-607-4630. It sounds like a couple of them may be Rusty Pilots.

Also, keep looking for people with an interest in aviation who could become new members.

Ray Beverly’s Fly-the-Plane centered on recurring training to ensure we don’t become rusty or complacent. Ray is also busy as the area’s newest DPE and an AOPA Rusty Pilot briefer. He shared a couple examples of recent “adventures” in those areas.

New Business:

Several members recounted their experience at the Gillette Fly-in, also known as Jordan Chicken Dinner, the Chicken Run, or the Jordan Car Show. This year was good weather and there were upwards of 100 aircraft on the ground and more cars in the show than they had parking space. The dinner is renowned and free for the aircraft PIC.

A few people went (drove) to the Synergy Air open house and reported the BBQ ffod was great.

Creswell airport will be closed 7am-7pm, Oct 2-5 for pavement maintenance. The runway numbers will be changing to 16/34.

Phil Groshong spoke on a potential for the Eugene airport to become an A/P district, separate from the City of Eugene. This may be a discussion topic over the next year as Phil takes the reigns of the Airport Commission.

The evening’s guest speaker was Mike Pungercar. Mike has spoken to the Chapter in the past about his work with Honor Flight and supported the B-17 visits. This time he spoke on the 8th AF bombing campaigns during WWII, specifically, the 91st Bomb Group. Before he passed away, Mike’s father left notes on his time as a radio operator with the 91st. That drove Mike’s fascination to learn more about their valiant efforts and record some of them in a book he wrote entitled “The Promise Kept.” Thanks, Mike!

The November 6th meeting will be held at the Oregon Air and Space Museum with Gary Brown, DAR, as our guest speaker.

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