Chapter 1457

Eugene, OR

September 2017


EAA Chapter 1457 Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2016

The September meeting was postponed until the second Monday due to Labor Day and was held at the Oregon Air & Space Museum. President Charlie Walker officially opened the meeting at 7:15. There were 15 members and 2 guests present.

Old Business:

John Stahr presented a sketch of a design with EAA Chapter logo on front breast and large graphic on the back representing the varied aircraft of chapter members inside a shield-shaped border. Nice work once again by a true artist. After discussion it was moved and passed to have John proceed with this design and selection of graphics colors to look nice on Ash (light grey) colored shirts.

Bruce Gustafson recapped our Young Eagle event of 27 Aug. Thanks to Mrs Roaxanne Cole and her Civil Air Patrol cadets for their support on registration and escorting YEs. And thanks to the Chap 1457 and Chap 31 members who supported the event. A total of 6 aircraft flew 32 YEs before the 3:00 conclusion. Hats off to Ron Parker who flew 11 himself. With some new equipment and ground support coordination, each YE left with a commemorative photo of themselves with the plane and pilot who flew them!

New Business:

Charlie introduced a new segment to our meetings which is an opportunity for everyone to share (hangar flying) an aviation experience, ideally something about the monthly theme, in less than 5 minutes per person. Since this was a new idea, this month’s theme was appropriately “Firsts.” Stories ranged from first flights, to first aircraft destroyed by fire upon landing, to impromptu dog fighting with an AT-6 while on an evening flight near here. There was no pressure to share and nice that everyone participated. The stories were fun, educational, and perhaps nostalgic for some.

The monthly EAA Chapter video included segments on the Valdez STOL L’il Cub and a primer on bolt identification.

The nest meeting is scheduled for 3 Oct at OASM.

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